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The course of human history would have been different if he had just pulled the trigger

Pte Henry Tandey, Wikimedia Commons License, PD

In 1918 during World War I, British soldier Henry Tandey found himself stationed inside a trench in northern France. He was already considered a war hero and would become one of the most decorated British soldiers during the war. But his awards are not what Henry was remembered for.


A daughter’s final words to her mother while she was being eaten alive.

Photo by Andre Tan on Unsplash

In 2011, Olga Moskalyova and her stepfather Igor were fishing near a river in Russia when a bear suddenly attacked them. The bear overpowered Igor breaking his neck and smashing his skull.

In shock, Olga ran but she didn’t get far, the bear was able to grab her leg and…

John Villablanca

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